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Desperate to refuel, the Ishtar VII approaches a foreign planet. While hurtling through space a signal reaches the ship, one concerned with the survival of humanity.

You may have survived the perils of space, but now you must survive the perils within.

Ukiyo’s New Card Game

Taking place in The Crumbling Prince Universe, comes a new exhilarating card game from the creator of Ukiyo. 
Play as a powerful fox in the spirit world and compete for ultimate glory. A game filled with bluffing, deceit and strategy. Will you be able to trick your mates? Keep ever watchful. The one you call your friend is now your enemy.

Which Fox Will You Be?

Tanuki of the Hearth

Fox of the Mirage

Fox of the Hollow

Fox of the Haunt

Fox of the Deep

Fox of the Celeste

Awarded #1 for Fun Things To Do in Melbourne

"Loved the interactiveness of this experience! It started the moment you set foot in the door and does not disappoint. It’s definitely not your run of the mill escape room, but instead you’re part of a tantalising mystery…"


"A mix of puzzles, audio-visuals, incredible scenery, and most significantly, storytelling, Ukiyo delivers a beautiful interactive tale that is unlike anything else..."

Ryan W

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