Kids Birthdays

For Ages 10+


$79 per Child
*We can cater to ages 6-9 as long as they are accompanied by a player 16.
**All bookings incur a 3% booking fee.

Mini Fox Package

4-9 Kids

  • A 1.5 hour Journey in any of our Ukiyo Worlds
  • A take-home Kitsunedo Mini Card Game for every child (RP. $15 per set).
  • For kids birthdays, you’ll have an experienced Host to look after your group at all times (one host per 5 kids).

 1.5 hours

Little fox Upgrade

Bring 11 kids and the birthday kid plays for free!

Festival Upgrade

Bring 13 Kids and get a free 1.5 hour Kitsunedo Board Game Event or Tournament 

 Upgraded to 3 hours
*Subject to Availability

Send Us A Message

Ukiyo is perfect for Birthday Parties. To find out which package will best suit your needs, speak to Beth on 0413 034 200 or email us on

**Why is there a booking fee if I’m not booking through the online platform?
The reason that we charge a booking fee is to contribute to the additional administrative time that is involved in planning birthday parties and corporate events. You can also book directly through our website (which charges a 3% surcharge directly to the booking platform) but will not include extras such as refreshments, a take-home Kitsunedo mini or Kitsunedo tournaments. It is a percentage cost rather than a flat fee because the time involved is commensurate to number of participants. We have done our best to balance this by reducing our per person cost for events and believe we have come up with a fair compromise that makes Ukiyo accessible to more people.