Trip Advisor’s #1 Fun Thing To Do In Melbourne

enter the GARDEN

​The Crumbling Prince:
Episode 1

90 Minute Experience

Two Players: $79.05pp
Three Players: $69.00pp
Four Players: $58.95pp


​Deep Space

70 Minute Experience

Two Players: $47pp
Three Players: $42pp
Four/Five/Six Players: $40pp

Will You Uncover The Dark Secret Of The Garden?

Visit Ukiyo Melbourne, located in Brunswick

So far we have released Season 1, Episode 1 which goes for 1.5 hours long.

Episode 2 is due for release soon. Each episode is designed so you can play them on separate occasions, gradually unravelling the mystery of the Crumbling Prince.

Eventually we will release five separate rooms, or ‘seasons’, each made up of one or two episodes, making them between 2-3 hours in length. When complete, the Crumbling Prince adventure will be at least 10 hours long!

Season 1 is also wheelchair accessible.