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An award-winning, immersive experience

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Deep Space: Divinity
A New World To Explore.

The creative minds behind The Crumbling Prince will return with an adventure into the cosmos.

Your story takes place aboard the Ishtar VII, a corporate exploration ship with a secret mission. Between you and survival is a self aware A.I. with a secret of its own.

Divinity features 6 possible endings, 5 fully interactive characters, and a litany of ethical dilemmas. Returning players may find that their decisions in Deep Space 1 have unforeseen consequences.

No two stories are quite the same.


Escape Reality, not Rooms.

In Deep Space every choice matters.

Taking inspiration from Interstellar and Mass Effect, Divinity is a story of survival and sacrifice, where a wrong decision can have grave consequences.

Divinity also features adjustable puzzle difficulty settings and an ‘opt in’ scoring system, allowing you to tailor the experience to your tastes.


Would You Survive Deep Space?

Deep Space is our first, award-winning and currently operational, immersive experience. It’s a thrilling, science fiction escape room aboard a spaceship, with a malfunctioning ‘Artificial Intelligence’ as your companion.

It’s the best place to learn how you work as a team, and how you can improve before you tackle the challenges faced in Kuebiko: The Crumbling Prince. We’d recommend playing it beforehand, so that you’ll be fully equipped to immersive yourself inside our new adventure.

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Will You Survive From Deep Space?

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Your own exploration ship, the Ishtar VII, has found itself the victim of an inexplicable series of malfunctions. You and your crew are alone, drifting through the unnerving silence of the void, isolated from all communication stations.
Tormented by the mechanical rumblings of your failing ship and the defective ramblings of your robotic companion ‘Columbus’, you start to sense the presence of an intruder. Something elusive. Something intelligent. Something not quite human…