Prologue is an online, team-based puzzle game. Unique and experimental, it weaves a delicate narrative through the various legends and mythologies of the world.

Get ready for some intricate puzzles and A-grade code-breaking with ‘Prologue’. With scaling complexity and a variety of tools you will learn to master, this online, team-based puzzle game will enlighten you to a mind of lateral thinking and a deeper knowledge of the ancient world.


1. Team Gur JvaarefCompleted - 1st Place
2. EREANZCompleted - 2nd Place
3. SSCompleted - 3rd Place
4. Denzel & the ChipmunksCompleted - 4th Place 2019
5. Alf's DungeoneersPart 20
6. Secret SocietyPart 20

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Prologue – Group Registration




This group registration allows up to four players to play in a team to complete ‘Prologue’ the online puzzle game.

*The Prologue is not directly tied to ‘The Crumbling Prince’ and therefore does not need to be played before the experience.


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