A year ago five women went missing in the town of Stawk Pine Falls…

Today one of them turned up.

Can You Find The Four?

Stawk Pine Falls: Fire Stawk With Me is a Twin Peaks-inspired, halloween-themed mystery game where mysterious happenings are an everyday reality for the smalltown residents of Stawk Pine Falls.

Gather your best detectives and prepare to dive into a web of conspiracy…

F . A . Q

How is Stawk Pine Falls: Fire Stawk With Me played?

Fire Stawk With Me is an Alternate Reality-style game, meaning that players will follow the breadcrumb trail of clues across the internet in order to uncover the mystery. These platforms include but are not limited to: social media sites, websites, emails, online articles and publications, and videos which you will uncover along your journey. 


Do I need to have played the first Stawk Pine Falls game? 

No, Fire Stawk With Me is accessible for those who have not played our first Stawk Pine Falls game. Once you have purchased your tickets, you will receive an email containing all the background information that you will need in order to get up to speed on the game. 


When will the game be released? 

The content will be released over the course of four days, beginning on Thursday the 28th of October at 6pm, and concluding on the 31st of October.


Do I have to play the game live/during the first four days? 

No, you do not have to play the game live. If you decide to play the game after the release date, all live events will be recorded and remain available for viewing on their various platforms. The confirmation email that you receive will have all the information that you need to get started.

How does the pricing work? 

Tickets are $15 for a single-person ticket, and $45 for a household of 3 or more people.

What if I don’t have teammates to play with/I can’t be in the same house as my other players? 

The person who makes the purchase will receive the necessary emails before you begin the game, so make sure that they forward them to all your teammates! You can definitely still play with your teammates over zoom, and if you’d like to find others to play with make sure to check out our Ukiyo At Home Reddit page (r/UkiyoAtHome)! 


Is the game appropriate for kids? 

Absolutely! We have had a number of families who have loved doing our previous games together. Fire Stawk With Me will have a spooky atmosphere and some dark themes, but is suitable for families to play. Parental supervision is recommended for children under the age of 12. 


Where can I buy tickets? 

Scroll down! If you are purchasing tickets before the starting date, please select Thursday the 28th of October when making your purchase. 


When are the live events? What timezone are the live events in? 

New information will be released at 6pm each night across various platforms, and live events will be held at 8pm each night. Please note that all times mentioned in Fire Stawk With Me are in AEDT.  

I’m playing Internationally, will that be a problem?
All times mentioned in Fire Stawk With Me are in AEDT, and our studio is based in Melbourne Australia – so any phone numbers will need +61.  

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